Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and geeks around the World will be exchanging gifts and sentiments with their significant other. If you are toying with the idea of making a mixtape then let me suggest a better way to share the music and words that express how you feel.

The Hipster Mixtape

If, like me, you have boxes of floppy disks lying around your office gathering dust, the thought of chucking them out will have crossed your mind. Stop! Before you consider contributing to an already overflowing land-fill I have a better idea on how you can help save the environment, impress your loved one and be part of the mixtape revolution.

As we all know, floppy disks are not renowned for their large capacities. Weighing in at just 1.44Mb you may me lucky to get a few MIDI files on there before you have reached capacity.

Valentine's Mix Disk

I propose floppy disks and Spotify should come together to give mixtapes the ‘new age fun with a vintage feel’ they need. How does it work?

  1. With a track-list in mind open up Spotify and begin putting a playlist together. Remember, the order is important. The most important song is the first.
  2. Now ‘Right Click’ on the playlist and copy the link. Paste this link into a text file and pop it onto your floppy disk. Name it something cute, not ‘Untitled.txt.’
  3. Give it to your loved one. Voilà! If you done it correctly you’ll be getting lucky tomorrow night. If not you’ll probably be sitting at home alone holding your floppy…


Inspire others and share your playlists in the comments.

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