The ‘Future of Web Design’ arrived in September with Andy Clarke, Drew McLellan and our very own Standardistas (to name but a few) taking centre stage. Two months later and we have speakers like Eric Meyer, Wilson Miner, Ryan Sims, Andy Budd, Mark Boulton and Tim Van Damme talking at Build — it very much feels like the Web has ‘arrived’ in Belfast.

Over the course of the day we learned we were peeling bananas all wrong thanks to Tim, picked up some dating advice courtesy of Andy, and witnessed some kick-ass Keynote transitions with Wilson’s presentation.

Tweets From Build

After seeing tweet aggregators for web conferences like A Feed Apart and Tweets From FOWA I thought it would be a good idea to have something similar for Build. I contacted Elliott Kember (as he had worked on Tweets From FOWA) and we decided to collaborate on the project. launched on October 29th as a hub for all the Build attendees to track the progress of others attending, simply by adding #buildconf to tweets.

As of 11th November, 11.47pm it has aggregated 1,447 messages, but statistics are boring when they haven’t been visualised so check out the infographic poster I compiled this evening. It’d be great to hear your feedback, especially if you helped make up that number.

Tweets From Build — 1200x849

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