I recently learned a hard lesson that I’d like to share with you. If you have an idea for a project or design you’re thinking of working on, do it. Don’t procrastinate, and here’s why.

I had an idea to design a social media themed Monopoly board last year, having the first prototype completed for December 2009. Mashable recently posted a story about a social media Monopoly board generating quite a lot of traffic. Why am I a little peeved? Because the post in question was about someone else’s idea, not mine.

Talk - Action = Shit. Brendan Dawes

I envisioned creating a physical board game called Socialopoly. Every element of the board design had b.een reimagined — in place of the property sites there would be, instead, a social media website. These websites would be ranked by their Alexa ranking i.e. Facebook has the highest Alexa ranking amongst social media websites and therefore would become Mayfair, and so on.

The player pieces would become browser icons. The dog, car and old boot would be replaced by a die-cast Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera piece etc. You get the picture. When I realised the cost of physically making a board, remembering that I’m a poor student, I began to think of different ways of implementing the idea.

Launch early and iterate. Google.

This procrastination cost me in the end. My advice: When you have an idea follow through. Google talks about launching early and then carrying out iterations. This approach can be mapped on to anything, be it an application or a design. While I was initially a little annoyed that someone had beat me to the punch, I am glad for having learned this lesson.

Just do it. Nike.

There are a whole slew of reasons as to why we don’t finish what we’ve started, and there is a great quote I’d like to share by Martin Luther King, Jr.,

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

This is where I went wrong with Socialopoly. Instead of pushing out what I had, I chose to sit on it and wait. Don’t let this happen to your idea. Procrastination can yield positive results at times, like when we put off work to create and play, just don’t become Lev.

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