A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post called Free Idea: Virtual Graffiti in which I outlined a concept utilising QR codes in a creative way to market products. Over the weekend I decided to take this premise to the streets with a little project to 1. measure the engagement of QR codes and 2. annoy cinema-goers a little.

I researched the movies that were being shown in the cinema at the minute, reading plot summaries and spoilers to find out the endings of the films. I then created QR codes using QReateBuzz which would reveal the ending of the film if scanned. QReateBuzz is a complete QR Code generation, management, and analytics tool used to generate, manage and track one or more QR Code campaigns.

The analytics tool is a little thin on features giving just the number of scans and impressions per code. It would be nice to see analytics on the device used to scan the code, the time and date of scan and geo-location.

QReateBuzz Analytics

At the Movies

Very early on Saturday morning I hiked down to my local movie house with codes in hand and stuck them on the bottom right hand corner of each movie poster. The code doesn’t offer a discount on the price of a cinema ticket nor does it get your friend in for free, however, it does tell you how the film ends. It’s nasty, I know, but I wanted to play on the concept of punishing people for their engagement rather than rewarding it.

The Eagle QR Code Spoiler

The codes remained on the posters for at the very a most a day. Over the course of the day the codes in their entirety served just 7 scans. Maybe that was 7 films ruined for some poor patron, who knows…

Have you undertook a little QR code campaign of your own? Did you measure the analytics and if so what was the level of engagement? Was it lower than you thought? Am I a dick for ruining movies? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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