Well, folks, the results are in and it appears I unfortunately will not be taking up a position as Mr Sheen’s intern for the summer. I suppose you could say I am #losing. The past two weeks have been a roller-coaster ride and it has provided me a great insight into how the traditional media landscape works. It has also, of course, cemented the notion in my mind that social media truly is an incredibly powerful tool.

I hope I haven’t annoyed anyone along the way and people are able to see it for it what it is; a creative and strategic approach to harness the power of traditional media to assist in my own social media campaign. Read more about why.


Thank you to everyone who supported me, especially after finding out the truth. I’ve began to compile a list of you all on Twitter and I will continue to add to it as I find the time. Good luck to the remaining 50 candidates, I wish you well in the last leg of your journey.

Oh, and it goes without saying, if you are a drug addled celebrity with questionable morals, a tendency towards sexual perversion and contemplating signing up for a Twitter account, well, hit me up with an email. I might just be able to help you out. And yes, I can help normal people, too.

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