On Saturday, 22nd May at BarCamp Belfast I had the pleasure of speaking with the guys at Optic as part of a panel. Brian discussed ‘talkaboutability’ as it pertains to design, Danny talked about the 5 ‘catalina wine mixer’ features of iPad UX and I decided to tackle location.

Over the past 8 months at University I have been researching conversational and social media. What became increasingly apparent over this time was the relevance location was having on the media landscape.

At BarCamp I decided to give a brief overview as to how we’ve arrived at the point we’re at with location, talk about some social media networks and how they are making the move towards integrating location-based features, and discuss some of the main location-aware services that are available.

Below you can find my presentation on SlideShare:

Why are location services important and why will they become more prevalent over the next few years? The time is now for the use of real-time, hyper-localised use of social media as a business tool. These new tools should allow for people to explore the world around them in unique and interactive ways, and also ultimately benefit business.

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