When I asked Brian Limond of Limmy’s Show would he like to answer a few questions for my ‘5½ Questions’ series he said, “Nae borra!” I wanted to interview Brian as he is one of the most socially active comedians on the web, frequently updating his Twitter and Facebook streams.

Brian is a Glasgow-based Scottish comedian, actor and writer. In early 2010 he achieved success through his premier series of Limmy’s Show, although he first became known through his website and its accompanying blog (source: wikipedia.org).

Limmy’s Show has been a huge success, with the second series coming to our screens on February 17th. Who or what inspired you to begin creating videos and podcasts?

I put videos on my site for a laugh, and I made the podcast after hearing the Ricky Gervais one.

You worked at Chunk as a Flash developer, do you still dabble in Flash? Have you considered getting your hands dirty with Xcode and building an iPhone app in true Limmy style?

I’ve not dabbled with ActionScript for a while, but I used Flash to make up a cartoon for my second series. I’d like to make an iPhone app, but I can’t be arsed.


Social media has become more prevalent over the past 12 months with more and more people jumping onboard. Do you have a favourite social media success story or viral campaign?

I don’t, no. Sorry. :)

You are constantly engaging with your fans on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. How important is this and is it difficult to maintain these various streams?

I think it’s important if you care about chatting with folk that like your stuff (and folk that don’t). It’s maybe not important, but I like it anyway. It’s not that difficult to maintain, it’s like a hobby.

Limmy's Twitter account

If there are any budding actors, comedians or writers who wish to utilise the power of social media what advice would you give to them?

Make something good and stick it online.

The below Flash file is NSFW. Be warned. Source: Xylophone

Sorry, flash required. It’s worth it though! (source: Limmy’s xylophone plaything)

Most people have a book that changed their life, the way they thought or even just how they conducted business, what’s yours?

I don’t have one. Sorry again!

Thanks Brian for being part of this interview series. The second series of Limmy’s Show airs February 17th on BBC 2 Scotland and will be coming soon to other regions. You can still watch the Best of Limmy’s Show on iPlayer or pick up the complete first series on DVD.

If you have any suggestions for the next person in the series just let me know, my Twitter username is @jonnycampbell.

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