I’m glad to finally announce the launch of my new website, jonnycampbell.com. I thought I’d discuss the new design and point you to the wonderful people that have inspired me.

To have another look at the site:

Code view

Inspiration for New Website

I have drawn inspiration from a number of places when working on this design, namely from Noah Stokes and Elliott Kember.

Noah Stokes

Noah Stokes (@motherfuton) is a front end developer who I came across when the Standardistas interviewed him back in March 2009 when his unconventional site design was picked up by the Twitter community.

Noah Stokes Website

Rather than design a website showcasing his “mad Ajax skillz” he designed a centered HTML layout using marquee tags, slang and some interesting programmer comments dotted throughout the code. This notion of breaking the rules in portfolio design was refreshing and heavily influenced me to rethink my approach.

Elliott Kember

I had worked with Elliott (@elliottkember) last year on Tweets From Build and have been a great admirer of his work. If you have ever visited Elliott’s website you will be familiar with the page curl effect on the top left hand corner which peels back to show the document mark-up.

Elliott Kember Website

I decided to play with this idea that the styled page is overlaying a correlating page of code, but instead of having a styled page overlaying the code I decided it would be more interesting (and confusing) to have the code overlaying the styled page.

Further Inspiration

As well as Noah and Elliott there were a number of other people and things that inspired the new design.


Coda obviously heavily inspired the design of my homepage as this it is my application of choice when designing and building websites. The reason the colours are inverted from the default is because that is how I like to code. If you are in search for a new text editor/FTP client then I would highly recommend you pick up a copy of Coda.

Super-talented Designers

Other super-talented designers that continue to inspire me include Andy Clarke, Jason Santa Maria, Jon Tan, Khoi Vinh and Tim Van Damme. I owe you guys a beer.

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