The controversial Digital Economy Bill has been rushed through regardless of the concerns voiced by many.

The digital economy bill was an ambitious piece of legislation designed, among other things, to overhaul the broadcasting industry, start the ball rolling on radio switchover, ensure high-speed broadband access for all, and deal with internet piracy.

The bill has been trending on Twitter for the past few days. Elliott Kember has made a tweet aggregator which gives a better idea of the volume of messages. Andy Clarke has said that on the day the Digital Economy bill becomes law he will be taking down his websites as a protest. With many designers calling for action I decided to strike out the only way I know how — by building a website.

Illegal Downloads

The Guardian have broken down the bill into understandable and relatable terms outlining each of the proposed clauses. Clause 19-21 will grant the government control to intervene when new domain names are registered:

Clauses 19 and 21 give the government the power to intervene when new domain names are registered, after consulting Ofcom. The regulator is now likely to keep a careful eye on companies who register “.uk” sites to ensure they are not doing so for “illicit use” – i.e. illegal downloads.

Immediately after reading the above I opened a new tab and typed in which, to my surprise, was available. An hour later I launched Illegal Downloads which outlines the government’s proposals.

There are a number of easter eggs dotted throughout, namely in the source code, and an interesting 404 page. It would be great to hear what you think on the matter.