Paddy Donnelly posted an interesting blog post on Smashing Magazine a couple of days ago asking if we were undergoing “The death of the boring blog post?”.

The death of the boring blog post

This topic of discussion was quite relevant to me as it was an area I was exploring at the beginning of this semester. Paddy highlighted advantages & disadvantages and talked about the 3 prominent designers who are exploring the individually designed blog post/article; Jason Santa Maria, Dustin Curtis and Gregory Wood.

I think this new ‘trend’ of designing a creative layout for each new blog post, based on the content itself is a totally refreshing outlook on how we, as designers, approach our blog posts.

Possible Drawbacks

I do have a couple of points that may differ from Paddy’s post. As each blog post is designed specifically for its content I sometimes find it difficult to remember who posted a particular entry, for example if it was on Jason Santa Maria or Dustin Curtis’ site. This has happened to me in the past and I worry that if more people adopt this trend then there will be little overall continuity in designer’s blog layout and this may hinder people from recognising the author.

The second worry is that I find it very time consuming to write blog posts and if I was to design a new layout for each entry I would blog a lot less. In saying this I would like to breakaway from WordPress and start experimenting with the Internet; thinking of each web page as a metaphorical piece of paper, and where we are restricted to the size of piece of paper we may have, the Internet can be as big as we want it be as it doesn’t cost any more in ink or resources etc. Watch this space!

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