The monthly Refresh Belfast was held on hosted by The Creativity Hub, co-founded by Rory O’Connor and Anita Murphy, they are the creators of design tools and training that help people engage in their creativity.


Their ethos is clearly defined on their website:

The Creativity Hub is inspired by the belief that we are inherently creative.

As a result they have created a number design tools which are meant to help unlock a person’s creativity; Rory’s Story Cubes, Inner Vision Deck and a number of Mini Guides. Rory and Anita talked us through the process in getting their Story Cubes to market, the hurdles and obstacles they faced and how they overcame them.


The Creativity Hub are very much focused on the power of imagination and non-competitive play, and I think this is why their tools work so well. Rory says on the Story Cubes site:

I believe everyone is creative but creativity is a like a muscle, we need to flex it to keep it active.

The talk reminded me of a TED presentation by Tim Brown, author of Change by Design, on the importance of creativity and play.

Design tools and methods for unlocking creativity are becoming more prevalent as businesses begin to employ design thinking approaches. The Creativity Hub’s tools are worth checking out and they have a number of exciting things up their sleeves that they will be announcing over the coming months. If you have any design tools that you find useful then let me know by using the form below and I’ll add them to this post.

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