Another year, another cracking conference organised by Mr. McMillan. This year the attendees were lucky enough to hear Erik Spiekermann, Scott McCloud, The Standardistas, Josh Brewer, Wilson Miner, Craig Mod, Jeremy Keith, and Simon Collision talk about a whole host of topics. There was an undoubtable thread which tied each talk together resulting in a much more cohesive narrative than I have ever experienced at a web conference.

Intense Jonny with Mustache

The main themes focused on the importance of our craft, story-telling, passion, and the beauty of serendipity. Wilson Miner especially imbued a sense of meaning in what it is we do as craftsmen and craftswomen of the web with a beautifully crafted address; marrying spoken word, moving visuals, and carefully selected audio which captivated every attendee in the conference hall. You could have heard a pin drop. As Frank Chimero quite aptly put it,

If @wilsonminer’s talk at #buildconf didn’t stir something deep within you, fuck you.

At the end of the week I, and the others I talked to, came away revitalized and inspired by what we had heard and the people we met along the way. Good luck topping that, Andy.

My brother @fillyc did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the conference from start to finish should you wish to relive the memories, or see what you missed.

Build 2011 Infographic

For Build this year I decided quite late on that I wanted to put together an infographic, similar to the Build 2010 Standardista’s Open Book Exam infographic I made last year. With my stats at hand I powered up Illustrator and began to structure my layout from my sketches. It wasn’t until I began laying elements out that it struck me I could just as easy put my visuals together in HTML and CSS. This would allow for a responsive, dynamic result which would be much more interesting than a boring flat. Below is the finished project:

Build 2011 Infographic

It is a little rough in places and it’s pretty ugly under-the-hood as I was trying to get it live before Build kicked off. If I find the time I will go back and tie up any loose ends. As always, I’d love to hear what you think. Hit me up on the Twitter.

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