I have always had a problem with the Follow Friday meme on Twitter. Every Friday my Twitter stream would become flooded with updates which would often look something like this:

#FF @sammywilsonmp @planetjedward @justinbieber @ceostevejobs @shitmydadsays @zeldman

There is no context to the message and there is no reason as to why I should follow any of these people. People would simply tweet out a list of people they have found interesting and/or informative over the past week in the form of a list, targeted to all of their followers. So you have to ask, where is the value?

Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal does a illustrated a comic on this very topic, ‘How #FollowFriday is supposed to work.’ He sums up the problem pretty well.

The thing is, there is definitely a value in making others aware of interesting people or those who’s work you admire and with a little bit of context and structure we can make Follow Fridays useful again.

People have seemed to abandon the meme, but this is a call to bring it back.

The New Structure

Each Friday choose one designer to recommend to your followers, what they do and a link to their work. I suggest using a different hashtag so the more useful Follow Fridays don’t get lost amongst the mundane lists. I would also suggestt linking to their Dribbble account, if they have one. Dribbble is great for bite sized chunks of inspiration and you can very quickly get a sense of someone’s work when looking just at their landing page. e.g.

#ABFF @softfacade Icon and interface design company with mad skillz. http://dribbble.com/softfacade

As we have linked to both the Twitter and Dribbble account the person now has the choice to follow them in either places.

Well, that’s my 2¢ worth. Let me know what you think by hitting me up on Twitter.

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