Ever wondered how to rack up thousands of followers on Twitter without having to to do all the difficult and time-consuming groundwork? Well, I found the answer. The solution only requires the pseudo-element before: and a user agent stylesheet.

The line of code you need to insert into your stylesheet is:

#follower_count:before {content:"100,";}

This simply places ‘100,’ before your follower count. This will only work if you have a follower count that has three digits i.e. ‘370’. If you have a count of less then an extra zero will be required after the comma, and so on.

Download the user agent stylesheet and use it in your browser. If you are using Safari go to Preferences > Advanced > Stylesheet and point to the stylesheet:

Safari Advanced

To add a user agent stylesheet in Firefox I think setting up a profile, or Firebug, may be required. You should really switch over to a nice WebKit browser though.

100,000 Twitter Followers

Hey presto! 100,000 new followers and it only took 2 minutes. April Fools’ Day is tomorrow, why not fool your friends into thinking your new blog post just pulled in a multitude of new followers?

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